Thursday, January 15, 2009

Auntie Anthrax

There's this lady down the alley who lives in a little apartment with three dogs and what is either her husband or son. I can't tell. Anyway, she has a lab, a terrier, and a poodle. She's got major issues. Jay, our cool neighbor across the street who owns Spike, Lulu's friend, calls her Auntie Anthrax cos he says he doesn't trust her and she seems like the type of person who would have the ring with poison in it and poison your drink when you're not looking. I guess a while back she threw some tainted rib bones over the fence in hopes Spike would eat them and die. She was friends with Crazy Lady and Tweaker Twilla. I've met her before and I choose not to speak to her as she rubs me the wrong way and I avoid her whenever possible. Well, today, I was outside with Lulu and Charlie. We were playing Follow The Pug Dog while waiting for Lulu to pee. And who is walking her dog down the alley but Auntie Anthrax! I try to avoid her but Lulu runs to the edge of the gate and her dog goes to see Lulu. Dammit. She starts talking and I passively aggressively walk away and she says she lives down the way. Yes, I know, I've met you before, remember? She says she owns the "menagerie" of dogs. Again, I know. You have the dogs that run rampant in the alley like Dodger used to do. I was really annoyed at this run-in and choose to avoid her as much as possible as usual.

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