Friday, January 23, 2009

Bad Dream Lighting

Our bathroom light decided to crap out on us twice in one month. Now we have one of those energy saver lights. I've become a huge fan of them. We have one in our living room in the lamp and it's great. It starts out dull and then warms up to a bright glow. We decided since I love that one so much we'd put one in the bathroom too. Well it doesn't have the same effect under the frosted dome covering. When you go into our bathroom, the lighting is dull, like the lighting you'd expect to see in a bad dream. Then it warms up to a normal dull bathroom lighting. I'm not fond of it in there. I wish it were brighter but it's not. So now when I pee after dark, I get a little scared that I'm in a dream that is not on a good path.

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