Saturday, January 17, 2009

Because I'm one of those people...

I'm one of those people who always has the necessary ingredients to make whatever I want 90% of the time. I'm also one of those people who has a tendency to want to start celebrating a holiday a month before it happens. Case in study: Valentine's Day.

I was out grocery shopping today and saw on an end cap some of those sugar cake decorations. I had been thinking about my love for them a lot lately due to one of my online friend's blog I read recently about them. Well, by chance, I happen to have cake mix and frosting at home so I figure, "What the heck?" and buy them.

Fast forward to now: my cake is done cooking. The bottom part is frosted and waiting to have the top put on it. Well every stinking time I make a cake the same thing happens to the top - it breaks. And not like a little crack or split, I'm talking horrendous crumbling. Long story short, Jesse attempts to rearrange it and tells me that frosting was invented to hide cake errors. I tell him that's not gonna work on this cake.

I attempt to fix the cake more after seeing how horrendous it looks and think, "AH! I can just flip the cake over and the beautiful perfect bottom can be the top and no one will see the broken top!" I get a plate, transfer, and voila!


The damn thing looks worse now than it did before! I tried to correct it with frosting as Jesse says, but that only made things worse. Jesse told me, "Wait for it to cool off, it won't crumble." I say, don't tell me how to make my damned cake! The cake I was attempting to frost was cooled. For like an hour! It still is being an ass! I finish frosting it and attempt to hide any possible flaws with sprinkles and decorations. As you can see, it did not work very well. I give up. I can make you anything you want, just don't ever ask me to make a cake cos it's not gonna happen.

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