Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Charlie Random

[1] Charlie is at that age where he's deciding he wants to walk soon. So he does a lot of standing, cruising, and going from here to there. I have noticed a trend of him crying with the big ol' crocodile tears he stumbles and I'm looking directly at him, but if he does the same thing and thinks I'm not paying attention (ie, his back is facing me and he thinks cos he can't see me I can't see him) he just goes on with his business like nothing happened.

[2] On that note, I had to place a baby gate in front of all of Jesse's tools and gun stuff to keep Charlie from trying to play with it. But he really wants to play with it! His new thing is trying to climb over the gate. However it doesn't attach to any walls so it's just free standing and leaning up against the stuff. But this crazy boy is sticking his fingers and toes into the fencing and well, see for yourself...

[3] "I'M LIKE MUNO!!!" Charlie discovers that like Muno, he has two teeth showing. But in reality he has six, count that, six teeth that have cut through. Two on the bottom that are completely out, the front two on top that are cut but not completely grown, and then the two little fangs next to them, which just cut out a few days ago. On the note of teeth, Charlie also has a trait from my family and that's the middle tooth. My bottom teeth don't line up properly, nor do my mom's and it looks like we have a middle tooth. Charlie has the same thing.

[4] Lulu isn't safe anymore. Charlie is obsessed with Lulu. She's the most interesting thing in the house because she makes sounds, she has different textures, she moves, and most of the time, he shouldn't touch her the way he wants to. He likes to grab her and we tell him no and try to teach him to pet her and he's been getting better at it. But yesterday he discovered that he can grab her mouth. However if he does that, she will nibbly chew him to warn him to back off. He should read it as a "BACK OFF" sign, but instead he thinks it's funny. He grabs her mouth, she nibbles him, he laughs. Seriously. Lulu has learned that if she wants to relax her best bet is to just leave wherever Charlie is till he discovers where she is hiding and then leave that place. I foresee a bright future for her in Jesse's hamper again.


Lori said...

I totally hear you on the unstoppable baby note. I have no idea what to do to keep these ambitious babies safe! Charlie's looking as cute as ever.

The Joo said...

K I'm way jealous of your Muno doll.