Sunday, January 25, 2009


I'm not gonna lie. I'm pretty cranky right now. I'm one of those people who can easily be made cranky because of my surroundings. For example, last night I asked Jesse if he would be kind enough to wash the dishes. There was less than 10 things needing to be washed. I made home made chili and did dishes from the night before, as well as lunch, not to mention the stuff used to make the chili. All he had to wash was Charlie's dish and spoon, our dishes and utensils, a ladle and some cups. He said he'd do it. Cool. So what happens? End of the night, they're still not done. I figure I'll just do them but Jesse makes a valid point that if I wash dishes now, Charlie will wake up. Again, further reasoning why we need a bigger place. If Charlie has his own room, I could do dishes whenever I want. OK, so they don't get done. Instead, Jesse and I stay up till almost 1:00 am watching joke remixes of Vince from Sham-Wow and various Billy Mays products that spawned as a linking away from a DANZIG Shakira mix parody. We laugh so hard it hurts and of course Charlie wakes up. At that point, it's time for him to go to bed. Jesse rocks him to sleep and I crash out in bed. An hour later he wakes up with a night terror. He's been having those lately. Apparently babies who are overly tired get confused because they get caught up in two different states of sleep and become disoriented and freak out and will cry hysterically and not be able to be calmed down till they snap out of it. I find blowing on his face works, of course Jesse says, "Why are you doing that!? It's cold!" I say, "It works." I don't care if it's cold, the kid is in a cold sweat because he's freaked out from his night terror. A little cold air on his face isn't gonna kill him. Anyway, the night sucked all kinds of butt and the morning wasn't any better. Charlie has been waking up at 6 or 7 and staying up from there on out and it's making me crazy. I haven't been able to get to sleep till well after midnight and now I only have 6 or 7 hours that are interrupted anywhere from once or twice a night depending on how much he wants to snack in the night, throw in a night terror here or there and maybe you can get where I'm coming from. Or not. I just feel completely worn out and depressed again lately like I did in the first few days after Charlie's birth, only difference is I'm not all doped up on pain killers to care less. The headaches I have now linger and get worse with each shrilling cry and every time the phone rings I want to throw it at the wall. I'm in one of those states right now where my mind and body aren't happy with my surroundings and I just need a vacation, nap, or some form of pampering. Maybe I might see if I can find time to do my nails or something. I feel like crap right now. Oh, back to complaining though. So this morning I asked Jesse if he would do the laundry while I go out to coffee and he said yes. I was relieved. All he had to do was wash the clothes and bring them home and I'd fold them. I really hate doing laundry because it's a huge ridiculous ordeal for me. Haul laundry downstairs. If no one is around to watch Charlie, I need to have him in tow. Get the stuff out and Charlie at the laundromat. Get him situated, put my stuff in and wait. Hope Charlie doesn't fuss so I can fold clothes. Try to get things back to the car without falling. I HATE doing laundry. I wouldn't care if we had a laundry room or better yet a washer and dryer in our unit but we don't. I get home from coffee and Jesse is hanging out, lounging with Lulu. The laundry is still not done. In fact, the laundry is not done, the dishes are still sitting in the sink, the bed isn't fixed and there's dishes and garbage all over the house. I feel like all my efforts I make throughout the week have been a waste. I don't understand why I'm the only person who can pick up after myself AND everyone else. Charlie can't help it because he's just a baby, but he gets into everything and I'm constantly chasing after him. But Jesse gets preoccupied with youtube AND the tv at the same time and can't even wash the dishes, which have now doubled in size somewhere between last night and this morning. I'm at the point I want to pull my hair out. Yeah, I know, it's my job to clean the house and what not but there's a fine line between that being my work and just common courtesy of picking up after yourself. I'm half tempted to give Jesse a swift kick in the ass lesson about cleanliness but I'm not going to because quite frankly, there's no room in this stupid apartment to get that mad at things. And I don't feel like bitching for bitching sake. Because that's what it will come off as. But it's not like I ever go to Jesse's work and take shit off his shelves and leave a mess for him to pick up after. Maybe I do have a point here? Maybe I should find out what aisle he's in charge of cleaning this week and go there and pull a bunch of things off and put them in other aisles or where they don't belong. Maybe then he'd know what a pain in the ass his little things he sees as no big issue is...

Oh he's bitching to his mom about how he thinks hunters are maladjusted because they start talking before the season about how they wanna go out and kill stuff. I got kinda annoyed because even though I've never gone hunting, I've gone fishing and I know how excited I would get for tuna season. How is it bad to be excited about going out doing something you love doing? What if you were only allowed to plink during certain times of the year and then plinking season starts? Don't you think he'd be all excited about that?

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