Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Do you ever see something and think to yourself...

"If that's not suspicious, I dunno what is?"

Today some dudes were in front of where I normally park in the alley. The car is still running but the driver gets out and goes to his trunk. He pulls out a promotional camo SCI bag (Safari Club Int'l. Just in town, $180 to get in, I doubt he went.) He gets out a brown box and gives it to another dude and then takes out an aluminum baseball bat and puts it in his car between the driver's seat and passenger's seat. Then, they realize maybe the location of their transaction isn't a good spot so the driver gets in his car and they drive down the alley mid way. They park and continue business. After, the driver gets back in and hauls ass out towards the end of the alley and leaves. The customer then goes to his apartment building. Normally I'd say drug deal but I think this was an illegal gun purchase because the box was about the size of a gun case. Plus the fact it came out of an SCI bag makes me wonder if the guy worked at the hotel and stole something or something along those lines. You'll hafta forgive me, for all I know they were getting a ride home from somewhere and getting something out of the trunk and I have a vivid imagination. But yeah, stuff like that isn't really normal behavior. People who are up to no good usually do so in the alley and never in front of where they live. That's like the code of illegal behavior down the alley apparently.

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