Tuesday, January 20, 2009

End of the Road

Jesse was reading a blog and he put on The Doors End of the Night on and I thought he said End of the Road and was like, "Boyz II Men? End of the Road?" and he was like, "No! The Doors! End of the Night. Night." So we're listening to it but in my head I keep hearing End of the Road, which is amazing because under normal conditions, if I have a song stuck in my head, if another song is being played in real life, the song in my head disappears but this one didn't! So then Jesse is putzing around in his playlist and I was like, "Are you gonna play End of the Road?" And he was like, "No! Stop asking!" or something along those lines followed by a joking threat involving an AK-47. I continue laughing and he's like, "What is so funny?" and I tell him that I keep hearing End of the Road. Finally he punches it up and plays it! I was laughing so hard. Then we cruise around listening to some other Boyz II Men hits and he puts on Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday and was saying how it's the gangster funeral song and I joked I wanted it played at my funeral and then he was looking at something on his playlist and I was all excited and like, "Are you gonna add it [Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday] to your playlist!?" And his response was classic! His tone was the same as if I asked him to blow another man or something. His exact words, and I quote, "Fuck no! Are you out of your mind!?" I laughed so hard. He then told me he felt a blog coming on about this and I told him I was waiting for him to get off the computer so I could do so. So now I do it and I'm playing the Boyz II Men for inspiration. It's a disaster and amazing all at the same time. Jesse said, "1992 called, they want their music back..."

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