Sunday, January 18, 2009

Feeling even older and now out of touch with "it"

So I walked into Hot Topic today to buy some hair dye. I had to ask the cashier where the dye was at. Actually, I asked her if they still even sell hair dye. She looks at me like, "Duh" and tells me where it's at. I then get side tracked looking at onesies. When I pay she kinda looks at me as if I'm out of touch with "it". I'm looking around the place bewildered, not knowing who half the bands are on the shirts on the walls. I explain to her the last time I bought anything for me in a Hot Topic was well over a decade ago and that now I'm looking at things I'd like to get my son. I told her I felt old. She looked a little more forgiving at the person she was ringing up who could have been at one time cool but is now just another adult who doesn't get "it".

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