Monday, January 12, 2009


For the longest time I told Jesse I wanted to go fishing. He did not want to go today, but reluctantly went. He hates fishing. Anyway, he goes out and gets his day license and we get to the lake and my spot is frozen over! Frozen! Like ice! When there's a slight breeze, the ice rattles as the water underneath it moves. It's crazy. There's a few holes in some places and we drop our lines in there but no luck. After less than an hour Jesse wants to go home. Charlie is fussy cos he can sense Jesse's fussiness. And Lulu is now getting all hyper because of this all. So we leave. Again, Jesse has more proof to hate fishing as he not only caught nothing, but couldn't even attempt to do so since half the place was frozen over and he spent most of the time looking for rocks to chuck at the water. Humpf.

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