Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Grandma Presents

So Alissa and I were discussing the Grandma Presents application on Facebook and she was confused about whether I wanted her to be a hippie or a metalhead cos I sent her some Black Sabbath shoelaces and a tie dyed thermal. I told her that as her grandma I "knew she liked art so I got her a shirt with lots of colors and saw the shoelaces and they had purple in them and I thought those would look so nice with the shirt." Total grandma logic right? No idea what either mean just get them for some oddball reasons. And so on that note comes a story of a grandma in the summer:

I was at Ben Franklin Crafts getting some fabrics to make more diaper covers and I saw a grandma looking at what could best be described as some impressionist looking floral fabrics that could make a really sweet dress for a grandma in the 80's. Not age, but like decade. It was a white background with these ugly huge flamingo pink roses. The other one was also pink but had some brown in it and like butterflies and flowers and was a little more modern looking but still horrendous none the less and looked like it could be a cool apron if you're over the age of 55. She asks the lady working there her opinion on which fabric she likes better and the lady goes with the brown and pink one. Grandma doesn't like her answer so she asks me for my opinion. I ask her what she's making and she says a backpack. Really? A backpack? With roses? Gross. She tells me it's for her grand daughter. Is her grand daughter in kindergarten or younger? I ask what her grand daughter is like and what she's into. She the describes to me what could be either a goth or emo chick in junior high. She says she like black and pink and grandma wants her to have more color so she thought the pink roses or the other one. I tell grandma she's going in the wrong direction entirely with her fabric choice and just with making a backpack in general. I show her some more appropriate fabrics like some cool damasks, graphic stuff, and grungy designs that would make a more appropriate backpack. Of course she doesn't like any of them and winds up going with the horrendous pink roses anyway. I wouldn't be surprised if at this point in time right now there is a backpack made with a hideous pink rose pattern shoved in the dark depths of a junior high girl's closet right now, hidden for the world not to see. Ever.

Moral of the story: Grandma's have an odd logic. That being said, they marry ideas. They find something they like or think is 'neat' and try to find a way to apply it to your life so you can have it. Usually it's something they would want but know they just could never use. Part of the same logic as to why so many people wind up with fruitcake for the holidays. In theory they look neat, but you would never want one.

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