Sunday, January 4, 2009

I must be insane...

This whole blog archiving thing has taken up a good part of my day. Well the morning half anyway. Then Jesse called me asking me to bring him more business cards and I told him I'd bring him lunch (Super Burrito.) He said that would be awesome but no rush. I leave about an hour later after Charlie eats and gets dressed. I show up and he has started teaching one of his cleaning seminars. Of course that goes on for like 3 hours and I stay for all three, but not as a person taking the seminar but walking around the store, chatting with coworkers, hanging out in camping on a folding chair as Charlie took a nap in my arms, you know, stuff like that. The class ends around 4 and Jesse is somewhat surprised that I stayed the whole time and we go upstairs and eat together. (I had lunch too, a chicken tostada that was non-microwaveable as it had lettuce on top and I hate microwaved lettuce and was in a nice foam container which melts rather nicely when microwaved.) Nothing like a cold tostada from your favorite cheap Mexican place. Anyway, he clocked out after and we went home. I made a roast in a cooking bag with some potatoes and sweet potatoes and we had a slow night. I spent the rest of the night up till now archiving and only managed to tackle about 300 of my 800+ old blogs. I'm beat. I see this task taking like two or three more days. But once it's done, I'm so over it!

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