Saturday, January 31, 2009

If Murphy's Law were a perfume...

I'd be the person who you'd be standing next to in an elevator giving you a headache from reeking of it!!! I kid you not!!!

So the other day, Charlie broke my camera's USB cord to upload. I ordered a new one online for $5 (price includes shipping.)

I keep thinking that by some magical act of God, maybe, just MAYBE, if I keep trying to upload something, the thing will work.

Guess what?

The last two days nothing worked.

But, after I ordered the new cable last night, I try it again today and it works. Oh the irony, it hurts!

I'm not to upset though because now I'll have a new cord. I foresee myself investing in a new camera in a few months anyway. I won't buy a new charger even though the one I have should be replaced. I will just get a new camera. I saw a nice one at Target for $120. I can swing that for how often I use my camera. Which is more often than I use my cell phone if you're wondering.

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