Friday, January 16, 2009

Lori takes absurdity to a whole new level

My sister doesn't have children. Instead, she has Izzy, her papillon. Izzy is a total princess. She spends more money on her dog than I spend on my son. Her excuse is that she has the money to spend so she spends it. I told her even if I had the money she had, I still wouldn't spend that kind of money on my son. Her dog has two dog sized canopy beds, which she calls her princess bed. Her dog also has more toys than Charlie and Lulu have combined. For whatever reason, Lori decides she's going to build Izzy a dog house. Granted Izzy spends all day inside and goes outside only to potty or if Lori is outside. I don't even see the point in needing one, but Lori insists she have one. But she can't have like a Dogloo or something like that. No, Lori is going to have her boyfriend and her build some fancy pants dog house from scratch, put carpeting and a dog bed and a framed photo of her and her boyfriend and glass windows and a porch and fake lawn and flowers and picket fence and need I go on with all the absurd things she insists this dog house need!? I think Izzy would be more than happy with something that shades her from sun, protects her from wind and rain, and maybe has something soft to lay down on. Nope. The princess needs the royal palace to rest in for all of the 5 minutes she probably spends outside. Anyway, I told Lori I felt a blog coming on when she started to tell me about this project. Alas, some few days later after they finished it, here is the blog complete with photos. Enjoy.

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