Sunday, January 4, 2009

Loud sex neighbors

I don't know what I did in life to ever be so lucky or deserving of someone of Jesse's caliber. So yesterday we have a little evening sexcapade and it is fantastic as always. But for some reason that must have been a teaser or something because later on at night I decide I want some more sex. So before we go to bed we do it again and I think I say every time we have sex that said most recent sex is the best sex I've ever had. Perhaps cos it just gets better and better and better. I dunno. But Jesse is like the most awesomest ever. I won't go into details but after we had to put Charlie to bed cos he woke up. Damn his loud parents. I'm kinda glad the gal downstairs isn't home on weekends but I feel bad on week nights when she's home cos I bet we're known as the loud sex neighbors who are always doing it. I'm just glad I have my mirena. I can't imagine being pregnant again and I bet if I was on the pill I would get pregnant again cos I'm so damned fertile and we hump so much!

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The Joo said...

From the title I thought you were going to complain about loud sex neighbors- now I see you ARE the loud sex neighbors:)