Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lulu the guard pug

Lulu is apparently very protective of her little human brother, Charlie. Last week when we were at the pug meetup, some bichons were sniffing Charlie and one of them backed off and was barking a little. Lulu, who was hanging out nearby, comes charging over and runs the bichon off, as it was a potential threat against her Charlie boy.

Today I was on the bed with the two of them and Charlie was getting a little close to the edges, so Lulu darts over in front of Charlie and starts kissing him to the point of annoyance, making him crawl back towards the center of the bed. It's like she was trying to keep him from falling off!

It just amazes me how protective she is of him sometimes. I mean, the poor little pug puts up with so much from him. He pulls her tail, grabs her face, pokes her, bites her, you name it, and she just sits there and puts up with him and even protects him. She's such a good pug.

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The Joo said...

Lucy is much the same with Daniel- it's really endearing, seeing her so protective and loving of the little intruder who bumped her down the priority list.