Friday, January 9, 2009

Nat'l Bankruptcy Day... You could be next...

There's two stories to this: the one the gov't tells you and the one I believe.

The gov't says due to so many issues in children merchandise recently (all that crap in the formula that was making kids sick and dying, dangerous chemicals in bottles, toys, etc.) they now want to make any seller of children goods have their products safety tested. It will cost like $100 or so to get this done and for many work at home moms who make toys, diaper covers, baby clothes, etc. for a little extra spending cash, this is actually detrimental to their income, thus putting them out of business. This isn't just with home made items, but also includes re-sale of things in second hand shops, consignment shops, eBay, etc. Basically if it is for a child under 12 and is being sold, by law it needs to be tested and negligence of doing so can result in penalties.

I believe yeah, some of this has to do with all the stuff happening, but this isn't about safety, it's about control. The gov't is telling you what is good for you. The gov't is telling you what you can and can't sell or buy. No more cute custom products. No more moms getting a little extra money. Just the gov't finding a new way to tell people how to live their lives. Also, if you think about it, a lot of work at home moms make enough money to make ends meet, spending cash, but nothing large and taxable. The gov't isn't getting money and if they don't get any money out of the mom's earnings, they'll put them out of business.

Please help spread the word about this asinine legislation. Why are people being forced to test products that have already been tested? If fabrics they purchase from fabric stores to make childrens clothing have been tested for sale, why do they have to be tested again for re-sale? If you bought an outfit for your child and your child outgrew it and you take it to Once Upon A Child or give it to the Goodwill for them to re-sell it, why does a previously purchased item need to be re-tested? This is a completely bogus law. It doesn't make products any safer. It just creates another BS law that makes no sense and complicates sales and re-sales of items, particularly for the little guys. Big manufacturers (who are the culprits of all the toxins found in children goods) have no problem coming up with the money to test their products and have no issue paying $100 here or there to keep their millions of dollars flowing in.
(See why I think this has less to do with safety and more to do with gov't control and the gov't getting money?)

DO NOT let this happen. Please spread the word. Even if you don't have kids or hate kids, this could happen with kids goods and work it's way up to other things. Imagine if they go to adult clothing and accessories. Or pet goods. Or food. Or services. They're starting with kids. Who knows where it will go next. You may find yourself a victim of this. Of course it will be for "your own safety".

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