Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pet peeve

Jesse has this pet peeve and I'm starting to see a lot of it in myself now too. He hates when customers call magazines "clips". FYI, if you don't know anything about guns (we've both been learning that this audience goes beyond that of non-gun owners but also a majority of gun owners), a magazine is that little thing you put your bullets into and then shove into the gun. When you run out of bullets, you can remove the magazine, reload, etc. They sell spare magazines. You can buy extras. A clip is a strip of metal that rifle rounds sit on that you can stick into a slot on the rifle for quick and easy loading. For me, and maybe it's because I lack the gusto and finger umpf to do it properly, I find it neither quick, nor easy. Anyway, I've been finding it really annoying when I hear someone say something like they're looking for another clip for their gun. Here's a really nice diagram on the mechanisms of a Glock magazine.

And here is a nice photo of some rifle ammo on a stripper clip being loaded into a Yugoslavian SKS.

It doesn't take a genius to see the difference between a magazine and a clip. It's not rocket science. They're simple words, easy to remember. Easy to spell. Hard for people to grasp the concept of. Learn it. Love it. Don't sound like a jackass. It makes the rest of the gun community look like idiots.

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