Friday, January 23, 2009

Rainy Day Random

1. In honor of the weather, I thought I'd make life a little more fun by drinking my new favorite juice (white grape and cranberry) from one of Charlie's big boy cups. It's clear and has whales, fish, seahorses, and turtles on it. Very grown up. He can't use them yet cos he hasn't mastered sippy cups. In fact he seems kinda uninterested in them to tell the truth. So I'm putting the cup to good use. My juice looks pretty fun in there. I'm also eating Cheetos. I feel like a big kid now.

2. Last night I went rollerskating. It was family night and we were going to have this mom's night out thing but that didn't happen so it was just me and another mom. We were probably two of the older skaters out there and we're in our mid 20's! I think the DJ had the hots for us cos we requested not one, but two songs, and he seemed eager to play them for us. I have lost so much weight and am healthier than I was pre-pregnancy. My wedding band fell off my finger at the food court and Tara and I were combing the hideously designed carpeting trying to find it. We found it after 30 seconds but I told her if 10 more seconds passed and we didn't find it, I would have started bawling uncontrollably. I know I don't have some million dollar diamond ring. In fact, if you've never seen my ring, all it is is just a gold band that was $64 at Helzberg Diamonds. But the thing is, it's MY wedding ring. It's the symbol of my marriage to Jesse. I would feel horrible if I didn't have it. Anyway we skated our hearts out. I thought I would be like I was after the last time I went skating where my legs were sore. Nope. I didn't even feel any pain. I did have to sit out during the fast skate because I didn't feel like I could keep up. Slow and steady wins the race! Oh, flashback to when we first got there. I totally forgot this part. So we get a locker. Both of us are in mom brain. We put in the two quarters, close the door, turn the key and it won't come out. We keep turning and turning and we're wondering what the heck is wrong with the thing. I think we spent like a good 5 minutes trying to get it to work before it phases us to try another locker. Tara turns the key in another locker to see how it works and realizes someone put money in it but no items and was like, "We could have had a free locker!" Seeing as we know this locker works, we put our stuff in it. We then skated the rest of the night and had all kinds of fun.

3. I've decided to attempt writing a memoir of sorts. I've had too many people tell me they enjoy my writing of random observations, commentary, and mostly my voice. The consensus is that reading what I write is exactly like listening to me speak. And I'm not sure that's a good thing, but I suppose for someone who always felt they didn't have an adventurous life with lots of great stories, I have found a way to take the mundane and things that everyone has dealt with at some point or another and make it seem exciting. It's a little thing I like to call "false sense of importance". It's also what psychiatrists would call a "false sense of importance" and link it to narcissism or mania. All I can say is sometimes it's what keeps me going in my boring life. Everything is so routine sometimes and well, like now, Charlie is napping which means I get to 'pute.

4. I had this weird flashback last night in which I thought about that whole R. Kelly Trapped In The Closet thing. I was really putting a lot of thought into it. I mean, the poor guy's career really hit the wall after those sex with minor allegations and what does he do? He writes like 6 different songs about what happens when he's trapped in the closet of some chick he's sleeping with who has a man... Talk about jumping the shark. Was he trying to do some sort of Tommy thing or what? I just don't think it worked. Even the lyrics were bad. Everything about it seemed to scream, "Please, I'm desperate! My career is over! Let this save me!" I mean, really, he would have been just as successful trying to save his career if he wrote a country song and tried to be serious about it. Maybe he should have tried to get into acting or sports or something. I just feel bad for him and a little ashamed. Oh well, not much I can do about it. That's long gone done and over. I didn't even like his music in the first place to begin with, so it's baffling as to why I'm so concerned about the whole Trapped In The Closet thing.

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