Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sham-Wow! Beware of imitations!

Oh, ok, so I totally feel like having some sort of Alex Jones moment and going to the mall with a bull horn calling out the imitation Sham-Wow they have at a kiosk at the mall. It's like Shammy Wammy or something. A blatant rip off. What's worse, they do these "presentations" during the day and it always makes walking out from Macy's to the fork in the mall road impossible because they actually draw a crowd. There's this guy who works there who totally wants to be Vince and wears the Madonna headphone thing just like him and it's horrible. It's the most blatant rip off of a product I've seen since, well, I won't mention it. I just feel like going out there with a bullhorn and saying stuff about how Shammy Wammy is a fraud and that buying it will support the New World Order and that the head set the guy at the kiosk is wearing is actually some sort of remote viewing device that tracks the people interested in fake Sham-Wows and then the feds will come to your house and break in and steal your Shammy Wammy and take your guns and put you in a FEMA camp somewhere... Hahahahahaha. But yeah, they gotta really kick back on the blatant copying of Sham-Wow commercials and trying to re-enact them at a mall kiosk. It's just sad.

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The Joo said...

To be fair, a sham-wow is hardly an original either. Shammies have been around for a while... and the sham-wow isn't all that much more amazing. Just google "sham-wow" reviews- hard to find one nice thing about them.