Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sometimes it's ok to talk to strangers

So a few months ago, I get a random myspace friend request from a gal out here. I didn't add her right away because I was like, "Um, I dunno." I look at her profile and decide I'll do the add thing and if she turns out to be a douchebag, I'll just delete her. She seems close in age and fun and I figure maybe she can be my ticket to a more interesting life in Reno. Plus all of her little random posts are highly amusing in a way similar to my own so I figure they've got to be someone worthy of knowing. Plus she did go out of her way to friend me. After random writings back and forth with each other we decide one day we'll hang out so that was today. We went to lunch at this place that has really awesome sandwiches, the Beach Hut. Yeah, weird, beach in Reno. I could see it being great back home but I don't get it out here, but whatever. It's good eats. We talked and had a nice time. I invited her shooting with us tomorrow. Just now it crossed my mind about how odd it is that you meet a total stranger online, go out to eat with them and then agree to go shooting with them. I'm sure under most circumstances that could scream out DANGER! DANGER! But, we're going to a range and we're good people. Besides, we have a kid and a dog. That doesn't scream out psychopath. Anyway, I have a new person I can add to my list of Reno Friends now. I just feel sad that I'm meeting people now that we'll be moving in a few months.

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