Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday Random

OK, so every Sunday I go with Charlie out for coffee with some of the moms and their kids from Thursday group. Anyway, we try to pick a different spot every week and each week someone else gets to choose. Well today we go to this coffee house that looked really neat and modern but was kind of a hipster place. We didn't stay too long because you could totally feel the looks of annoyance at a table of moms and kids. They weren't even fussy or anything, but you could feel the vibe. The weird thing was before I left it started snowing. Snowing! I thought we were done with snow for the year. But I guess not. It wasn't long and it didn't stick to the ground much, but it was snow none the less. It didn't even feel cold enough for snow which is what surprised me. Then, after coffee, Jesse and I went to Walmart to get Charlie's new carseat and high chair. He loves his high chair and the car seat, it's actually a convertible booster seat. Instead of getting one that goes from rear facing and converting to forward facing, we got a forward facing that converts to a booster. I thought on the online thing it said you could use starting at 22 lbs and up but it actually starts at 20 lbs and 27" so we can start using it now! I'm excited because I am getting so sick and tired of lugging that rear facing seat up and down the stairs. I measured Charlie from head to heel with the help of Jesse and he was 28" or 29" depending on wiggling. On the scale he was about 20 lbs so I'm just gonna go with it. Anyway we're done for the day here. We're getting leftover chili for lunch and Charlie is due for a nap soon. I can't believe it's almost 4:00 already. Where did the day go!?

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