Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Suspicious activities in the night

Last night, Jesse and I had gone to bed. It was the second night in a row Charlie decided he wanted to sleep through the night after a 4 month hiatus. Finally I could get some rest. Not too long after, I woke to the sound of rustling outside. The same type of sounds we hear when people go through out trash. Lo and behold, Jesse went outside and there was someone going through our trash for cans. At midnight. Why someone would be doing it then is a mystery to me, but it screams out suspicious behavior. I'm weary of the trash diggers now after I had someone steal my debit card number a few months back. Fortunately I caught two unauthorized mystery transactions 30 minutes after checking my bank statement and called both companies who the charges were made with to cancel and tell them to not authorize any future payments from anyone claiming to be me as well as call my bank and put a fraud alert on my account and order a new card. Whether trash diggers found something and used it, I don't know, but I don't like people going through my trash and hesitate to take it out till the day before trash pick up day or I put dog poop on my trash.

As if that isn't strange enough, tonight there is some guy riding around on this little red mini bike. I've seen this guy before riding around and he always stops in our alley by where our cars are parked. I've seen him by my car before and find his activities to be very questionable. Why is he there? What is he doing? I have reason to believe he may be a drug dealer. Well, tonight he is up to his same antics, only he is on his bike in our alley stopped, turning his lights off but the motor is still running. Whatever he's doing is very questionable. He's been up and down the alley at least 20 times in the last 20 minutes. So Jesse goes out there with this bright ass flashlight and shines it on him. The guy leaves but he's still coming up and back. I'm a little weary of Jesse feeling the need to leave his home to protect it when he can call a cop or something. I mean, yeah, the guy is up to no good but he's not in our house doing it, he's outside and even then, it's not confirmed that he's done anything wrong yet. Apparently alleys are considered public so he can loiter out there all he wants. I guess? I'm not 100% on this.

I'm just sick of all these suspicious activities and Jesse feeling like he'll be the one to save us cos the cops take too long to get out here. Yeah, cops do take too long but, I'd feel more comfortable if he just stayed inside and called the cops if the people are outside. Yeah, they're criminals, but I mean, he's the backbone of our family. He can't get shot or killed or what have you. The last thing I want is my son growing up without his dad cos some stupid drug dealer shot him. Or worse, Jesse to go out and check up on something and shoot someone who he thinks is pulling a gun on him or something and then wind up in prison for the rest of his life. He's too pretty for prison, dammit!

I'm home all day. I see all the questionable characters in our neighborhood. I feel like I've become some sort of weird character who is totally agoraphobic, afraid to go outside, cooping myself up in my little world, creating fantastic stories about all the crimes each passer by I see is about to commit, if they haven't already. I am sick of living like this. I hope life has something better in store for us and soon. I pray for greener pastures. For better opportunities. For peace of mind. For a night I can go to sleep and sleep.

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