Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ugh! Random

1. I decided to put some more pink in my hair because it faded. When I was washing it out, I got some of the color tinted shampoo in my right eye and it has been burning for the last 2 hours. Ouch!

2. While rinsing my hair out, Charlie woke up crying. Not just crying but screaming crying. Nothing I did could calm him. I don't know if he was teething or if it was a daytime night terror. All I know is he was screaming hysterically for about half an hour before he stopped and then it was all giggles from there out. Weirdo.

3. I just spent the last 5 minutes sending mass emails to various property management companies in Utah in hopes of getting some information on some rentals or help finding one. I told them our time frame is 3 - 6 months. I hope I'm being realistic here.

4. Being realistic, it will cost us around $2,200 to get out to Utah. This amount includes a first month rent/deposit, a U-Haul that can tow a vehicle (less if we just get a little thing that we haul with one of our cars), plus gas. This doesn't include whatever it will cost to get our utilities set up. I'm just wondering if this will happen. I'm stressing. I really want to move.

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The Joo said...

Does that mean you have pinkeye? (hardy har har)