Saturday, January 17, 2009

Why it's important to brush your teeth

Forgive my less than perfect teeth. For they have endured years and years of soda and probably not as good as it should be dental hygiene. So you know how people say stuff about how bad sugar is and how you should brush twice and floss daily? Well here's why. You see, when you eat sugar, it's clear. It doesn't stick to your teeth. You don't see what happens. But when you eat cake decorations, which are sugar and have horrible food coloring that stain the inside of your mouth as well as anywhere the sugar is for ages, then you can really see what happens with the sugar. As you can see, the sugar is lining my gums on every tooth in my mouth and is also on the surface of some of my teeth. If I don't brush this off, this will sit in it's place in my mouth over night slowly working at rotting and decaying my poor little teeth. Don't let your teeth fall out. Make sure to brush your teeth.


The Joo said...

Mmmmm, cake decorations. We should be friends:)

DasBoogs said...

I thought we were friends!