Monday, January 12, 2009

Wrong address, foo!

Jesse was on the phone with Phil and I was getting ready to give Charlie a bath. Then we get a knock at the door. Who could be calling at this hour of night that is not quite 8:00? It's UPS. We did not order anything shipping via UPS. What do they have? A package for Bertha Dunlap. Well, we're obviously not her so we tell the guy. He needs us to sign a form stating Bertha doesn't live here. He asks us how long we've lived here and we reply almost 2 years now. He looks a little startled that someone is still receiving mail somewhere that they haven't been in 2 years. We get junk mail for Bertha and some other dude too. I'm guessing that they're like the other people who have at times lived at this building in various units who just skip town and then get evicted even though they're no longer residing here and never file a change of address form. I'm guessing the gal down stairs must get so much mail from the black people and the tweakers still. I mean, both had parole officers looking for them shortly after they abandoned their unit, and in a situation where they're obvious criminals, I seriously doubt they're gonna file a change of address form. Aside from that, I felt there was one more thing to blog about but it slips my mind at the time being, so, I'll leave it at this.

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