Wednesday, January 7, 2009

You win, Jesse

For some reason Jesse is scheduled closing shifts for the next two weeks. I hate when he works late, personally. But it's nice cos it means dinner is ready when he gets home. Anyway, he comes home to pork chops, broccoli, and some noodle mix. I tell him I like it a lot and we should get it more often. He tastes it and says it's a no-go for him. It reminds him of some ready to eat just heat meal type thing he had before that made him really sick. Like 7 days of barfing sick or something. So he says I can have his noodles. Well I am too full to eat them all or my second pork chop, so I let him have the chop chop and the noodles, well, let's just say no one ate them. Soon after, I go to the bathroom and have the fire hose spray poops. So now I have an aching nipple from Charlie biting me and a butt that feels like it's burning. I decide the best quick-fix for this is a nice hot bath with some sleepy-time salt. It worked. We have decided to not buy that noodle mix ever again.

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