Saturday, February 7, 2009

Bad Disney Performers

I hate any performers that are spawned from Disney. You know, Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus, High School Musical crap, etc. etc. I just spent 2 hours watching The Cheetah Girls 2 in Barcelona. The plot: The Cheetah Girls go to Barcelona for some singing contest. Lame. You know cos they're in the title of the movie they are obviously going to win. The music is horrible and acting is, mediocre at best. Better than Skinemax acting. Anyway, I'll give it to them that they finally steered clear of the Lindsay and Miley stick figure ammateur porno looking girls and got some thicker looking gals to form the group. And their lessons seem to be better than Hannah Montana. Miley teaches kids that it's ok to lie to your friends and parents and that in the end it's ok because she's an undercover pop star and that's her excuse. Cheetah girls are better because they teach that friendship and honesty and respect are more important than money and boys and what not (of course in the end they get the money and boys and what not because they're the Cheetah Girls.) But it's nice to see they're more realistic than the other bad Disney performers. I didn't know Raven Simone was one of the Cheetah Girls either. I just found that out. I just remember hearing she was on the Cosby show and then she had her own show (I think she still does?) on Disney Channel, That's So Raven, which is actually kinda amusing but a whole other blog about dumb children's programming. I'm not gonna lie. I've been exposed to a scary amount of children's shows, usually as a result of baby sitting for someone or being around younger kids or just out of sheer boredom of nothing on and curiosity of trying to decode what kids see in these shows. Anyway, there's another Cheetah Girls movie on now. Apparently it's the first time it's being aired, so I better pay attention...

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