Friday, February 6, 2009


Long ago and far away when I started working at my old job in the valley, I had this boss, Dan. We were like bff work buddies. We shared an office and joked around all of the 8 hours we were there. We listened to music all day. We went to lunch a good deal of the time. He invited me to his parties but I never went because my ex was a douchebag and I felt weird about going to parties by myself. He did go to my school once for some art thing. A few weeks before he quit, he told me he wanted to join the army. He was seeing a recruiting officer secretly in hopes of getting in. His dream was to become a helicopter pilot and then one day when he got the money start his own helicopter tour of Hawaii type gig. One day, we went to lunch and he told me he was going to quit for sure. Basically he had enough of our old boss. There were these catalogs and the old boss just wasn't on top of it and he was sick of getting crap from him and working stupid hours because the old boss was too busy with other stuff to get anything done. He told me he was going to put in his notice and quit. It was a case of "nice knowing ya". The next day, he was gone. There was a letter that he was done and went to the army. And that was it. And no one heard from him again, myself included. Everyone thought it was weird how he just up and left. But no one really knew how much he hated that place that to keep in touch with people who worked there would allow certain elements he disliked about the place to know what he was up to and he didn't want any of that. Not a day goes by since he left that I don't try to get in touch with him or find out where he is. I tried to email him and the old email addy didn't work. His old cell phone didn't work. I tried social networks and nothing. It's hard when you share an office with someone for a few years and you get to be pretty close to someone and they just up and leave one day and never talk to you again. Especially when you were like best friends. I still keep in touch with my old coworker who came in years after Dan left. People used to give him a lot of crap but in actuality, he was my other old office mate and while he's probably not the type of person I'd actively hang out with on my spare time, he was none the less a replacement Dan. An ear to listen to my crap. Someone who shared most of the time what I considered to be God awful but catchy music. A new best friend, if you could call him that. And just like everyone else who was in that office, he got thrown under the bus. I was like Dan and left while I knew it was getting bad. The other coworker was trying to get out but didn't get out in time. Hopefully he has a job in line soon. I miss my guys sometimes. It's funny they were both my guy buddies but just two polar opposites. Oh well. Anyway, I still talk to my old coworker but Dan, he's lost in the world somewhere so if you're out there somewhere reading this Dan, email me. My email addy is different, but I'm on every social network you can imagine so, just look me up. I got married. But my maiden name is in search feilds. BAMF!!!

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