Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dear Circuit City...

Dear Circuit City,
I'm sorry you are going out of business. I went to visit you today in hopes of seeing what kind of deals you have on computers or external hard drives but found nothing. You had barely any merchandise left. I almost bought a printer/fax/scanner/copier from you but then changed my mind at the last minute. On my way out, I looked at the TV's just for fun. I found a 19" lcd hdtv with built in dvd player for $187. By a weird stroke of luck I happened to have $270 in our checking account before Jesse gets paid on Friday, so I called him and asked how he felt about me purchasing a new tv to which he said if we have the money and I feel like it he's ok with it. Long story short, we now have a new tv thanks to the fact your corporate big shots don't know squat about managing their money. Thank you Circuit City and I hope you can provide me with better deals before you go for good.



Lori said...

It's just so nice when things work out like that. Score for team teagues!

The Joo said...

Oh that's awesome! Score for you guys