Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Everyday Alternative

So a few weeks back, someone posted a link to the Everyday Minerals site because they had free mineral make up samples all you had to do was pay for shipping. Well, I figure, I'm in the market for a cheaper alternative to my current pressed powder foundation (Benefit's Get Even #2 MSRP $30.) The thing I'm not 100% on is that EDM's foundations are loose powders, which I'm not super fond of because of the inability to transport easily. I'm a fan of compacts that fit in purses nicely and have mirrors. They do have a pressed powder line, but I heard those run a little dark. After trying the loose powder samples (which came in 3 days after I placed my order!) I decided to buy some of their merchandise. I got the small sized Buff Linen Base and then I got a pressed powder base in Golden Fair. For the two items, it came out to $20.13 with shipping costs included. Almost $10 cheaper than Benefit. Now, I had Buff Linen with the sample set and liked it but the Golden Fair was a huge shot in the dark. Much to my delight, it was a midground between Benefit's Get Even #1 and Get Even #2, which I switch between depending on the seasons and the color of my complexion. It seemed to be a nice all year color in my opinion. Anyway, I popped the metal tray out of the cardboard container because they ship the pressed powders in these cardboard containers, and I popped the metal tray out of an old Body Shop compact. I used an adhesive magnet (the kind you get at craft stores to stick to photos so you can have fridge magnets) and stuck one strip to the bottom of the compact and another to the bottom of the EDM pressed powder tray. I tried to take off the logo on the compact with some rubbing alcohol and nailpolish remover but it wasn't happening, so I decoupaged some fabric on top to give the thing a new look and not look like something blatantly recycled. I know there's a reason I save my old compacts! I wrote the color on the bottom with a sharpie so I'd remember what color I bought later on. So now I have a nice cheap make up alternative that is actually a great quality product that is way better than my skin than what I was using before. I don't lie. The first day or two I used it, my skin kinda reacted to it a little and broke out slightly. But then after a few weeks, it started to look amazing without make up on. The minerals did a number on my complexion in terms of evening it out and just making it healthier. I believe the reaction was some sort of responding to something new after being exposed to toxins for so long; like when you eat only junk food and then you have fruit or something and you get diarrhea but then you start to feel better, it was like detoxing my skin. Plus, there's a really good article about how Everyday Minerals compares to ID's Bare Minerals and is actually a better product for a cheaper price. I did some research (after purchasing of course, I'm a bad consumer!) Long story short, it's a nice alternative to using expensive mall cosmetics that aren't as good for your skin. I give it 2 very enthusiastic thumbs up.

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