Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Genius of Skinemax Never Ceases To Amaze Me

Skinemax, in addition to airing shows earlier and earlier, is now learning to make their shows more unbelievable and outlandish. Jesse was at the car show this weekend and while he was there, I was browsing the guide to see if anything was on tv and noticed a new listing. The show: Forbidden Science. What in tarnations is this? I click the info button to read a synopsis. After all, the title of the show sounds thought provoking. I have ideas racing through my mind of something pertaining to conspiracy theories in science and history. I am greatly let down. The reality of it is: (Adult) Scientists create seductive robotic clones of real people as adult toys. OK, what?! Are you shitting me!? They have a show about people making sex robots that are based off of other characters on the show?! What genius came up with this mound of idiocracy!? This seems like a total socially inept pervert's dream show! I mean, really, it has it all for them. It has robots. It has cloning. It has boobies. Not to mention the fact you might be too much of a creepy weirdo to get the girl, but if she refuses you, you can just pay some scientist to create a robot version of her. This is just as creepy and sick and twisted as those real doll sex dolls that are supposed to be designed after porn stars. I just see the same mentality of stalker-loser saving up for 5 years or taking a second mortgage on his house to be able to get his sex robot. It's absurd. I can't believe the genius these shows are taking on now and when I say genius, I mean that in the most loveable sarcasm for absolute stupidity. I just can't help but wonder what they'll come up with next... because you know in a few weeks they'll come up with a new series to fill that 7:30 PM time slot...

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