Friday, February 6, 2009

It takes 9 months to get big and another 9 to shrink again...

OK, I'm off by a day or two but it's almost been 9 months since Charlie was born. With that in mind, I have a theory that it takes you 9 months to get huge from pregnancy and it can take just as long to get back to normal. FYI, I was 167 lbs when I went in to my first prenatal appointment. On the day Charlie was born, I was 200 lbs. I will never want to be that weight again in my life ever. Unless it pertains to being pregnant again and even then I don't think I want to do that for sure. I wish I had the stats of my measurements before I had Charlie, all I have was how much I weighed. Anyway, here's where I was and where I've come over the last 18 months:

November 2, 2007
Weight: 167 lbs.

May 8, 2008
Weight: 200 lbs.

June 23, 2008
Weight: 165 lbs.
Triceps: 11.5"
Bust: 39"
Waist: 34"
Tummy: 38"
Hips: 42.5"
Thighs: 24"

July 4, 2008
Weight: 164 lbs.
Triceps: 11.5"
Bust: 40"
Waist: 34"
Tummy: 38"
Hips: 42.5"
Thighs: 24"

August 30, 2008
Weight= 157 lbs.
Triceps= 12"
Bust= 37.5"
Waist= 33"
Tummy= 36.5"
Hips= 39"
Thighs= 23.5"

November 4, 2008
Weight= 154 lbs.
Triceps= 12"
Bust= 38"
Waist= 32.5"
Tummy= 36"
Hips= 37.5"
Thighs= 23"

December 5 2008:
Weight= 152 lbs.
Triceps= 12"
Bust= 38.25"
Waist= 32"
Tummy= 33"
Hips= 37"
Thighs= 22.25"

February 6, 2009:
Weight= 151 lbs.
Triceps= 11.5"
Bust= 38"
Waist= 32"
Tummy= 34"
Hips= 36.5"
Thighs= 22.25"

Anyway, as you can see, over 9 months I gained 33 lbs. then 9 months later lost 49 lbs. Various parts of my body fluxuate in size. I'm slightly bloated right now because I feel like I have a period coming on one day soon. But other than that, I will continue my quest for weight loss and strive for another 20 lbs. Of course a huge part of this is also a change of lifestyle and eating habits. I don't exercise much. Well, no I do walk a few times a week. But I also try to avoid sweets unless necessary. I avoid processed foods and make home made when possible. I'm hoping that maybe by summer I'll be down another 10 lbs? Possibly? One can hope. I'd like to be that person who has a child and the summer the next year can rock a bikini. At least before I get too old for one anyway. The end.


Lori said...

Gotta love the post baby weight loss! I actually took all of my measurements yesterday just for documenting purposes. You've, obviously, been much more thorough in your record keeping though.

Nice work losing all of the weight! I'm going to need to see some pics of you rocking some skinny outfits to make this post complete though.

DasBoogs said...

I still look at my 38 week pic and it grosses me out. I poofed up like a monster at the end. I wish I had a pic of me on delivery day though. Oh well :(

The Joo said...

I had no idea you were that big when you had Charlie. Well, good work losing it, you should be proud.