Monday, February 23, 2009

Jesse's idiot moment!

I was on the computer checking my mail and such. Jesse had mentioned wanting chocolate. Next thing I know, I hear rustling in the kitchen. I go there after I finish my business and ask Jesse what he's making. Nothing. He says, "The potatoes are growing." OK. So? "I picked the little buds off the potatoes." I ask him if he was planning on eating a potato and he says, "No. I just wanted to pick the little sprouts off the potatoes." Apparently, the fact the potatoes were starting to grow little sprouts was bothering him. I asked him as to whether or not he was going to do something about the onions, which were also growing and he said he didn't even notice they were growing. At that moment, I nearly crapped my pants laughing. To truly appreciate this, I have included a picture of both the little potato blossoms that Jesse picked and the onions. He didn't notice the onions were also sprouting... HOW THE HELL DO YOU MISS THAT ONE!?!? Its ok, though, he only has one working eye.

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