Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Learned un-learning

It's come to my attention recently that people are no longer in touch with their instincts. I seriously think that within the last 150 years, there has been such a huge emphasis on becoming knowledgeable of subjects that people have focused so much on learning things and in turn have un-learned their human instincts. There's so much stuff in life that is just common sense but because it's not in a book taught in school that people really don't get it. Then, there's just stuff that never existed in the past and people take it as true and golden because someone of an elite educated status says so. I've noticed that people are just so quick to believe things doctors say as true. I've been thinking about this news story I saw about Gardasil recently in which girls who are getting the shot to prevent cervical cancer are getting seriously ill or dying. Doctors recently started pushing this new vaccine (I don't use the term candidly, it is new) without knowing what long term effects are or if there's enough significant studies of adverse reactions. And now what? Because doctors said the benefits outweigh the potential side effects (in which 5000 something girls in one study had negative reactions) girls are taking the vaccine and at their own risk. People need to stop listening to everything doctors tell them as truth and listen to their bodies. Not everyone gets it. Not everyone listens to their bodies or knows how to read their instincts. I guess what I'm trying to say is that people are animals. They are born with instincts. You don't need to read a book to learn how to survive or listen to a doctor or go to school. Look at all those people in indigenous tribes in the Amazon and Africa who don't have schools or doctors and are managing to live. Instead, we go and say they have all these disease and try to help them and send in food and medical aid and guess what? When we no longer are funded to do that, we pull out and years later their people die because they're not getting their booster shots or have no food. Sometimes we should just leave things be and listen to our guts. We know our bodies better than any doctors. I gave this pharmeceutical rep in the elevator at the doctors today a dirty look as if wondering what poison he was trying to have a doctor push on their unsuspecting victims.


The Joo said...

I never understand the people who can take a doctor's word at face value. I LOVE the doc I grew up with, but even then, we did our own research. Maybe it's because of him that I still do. Especially stuff having to do with pregnancy/childbirth... there's so much info out there that the average doc doesn't give you!

Cyndie said...

Hi....I follow your blog but you don't know me. I guess I'm a fan but not in the stalkerish way ;)

Gardasil protects against HPV. HPV is a sexually tranmitted disease. If we want to protect our daughters against this we need to teach them to keep their pants on and nasty young men out of them.

I don't trust everything the doctors say about vaccines either. The CDC wants you to believe that they do more good than harm but that is not always the case. Many babies and toddlers have had seizures and permanant brain damage after their vaccinations. Some have died and in many others it has triggered autism. For this reason my husband and I have decided our 5-month-old will not get anymore vaccines as I don't believe them to be as safe as people claim them to be.

Okay, I'm done rambling about what I believe. Thanks for allowing me to read your blog. It often gives me a laugh and brightens my day. =)