Monday, February 2, 2009

Shooting & Mexican Food

Today Jesse and I did something we haven't done since we moved out to Reno: we went shooting at a range. I'm not gonna lie. I was really pissed off when we got out there. There was a number of factors involved.

First off, they just did a cease fire as we were getting our stuff out and checking in so we didn't have any targets to shoot at except for steel plates off in the distance. I asked Jesse if he brought Josef out and he said no, this being after I specifically asked him two days ago at Sportsman's if we had enough Mauser ammo and he said yes. I even recall telling him something along the lines of "Did you get Josef?" as we were getting ready. Alas, guess which gun didn't go? Josef! We only brought two pistols: the Bersa Thunder .380 and the Glock 23 .40. I like my Bersa a lot but it was cold and my fingers weren't feeling pistols at the time. And I won't even get into the Glock because even though I shot the Glock 17 well, I have this mental block that the boxy design and fact they're completely made of plastic is just a huge turn off and it would be like if you went on a date with a someone who was a total sweetheart but was so horrificly gross that even though you enjoy being with them you could never do it again because there is absolutely zero attraction and no hope at all for that person. Shallow analogy but that's how I feel about Glocks. My dislike of them is ignorant but that's my choice, not yours.

The rifles that did come out were the M1 30 Carbine, Mosin-Nagant, AR-15, AK-74 (not an AK-47, although we do have one of those as well), and then the 10/22 and Savage 64. I really didn't have any interest in shooting any of the rifles except the AR-15 and maybe the 30 carbine. Anyway, I'm going around looking for the 30 carbine magazines and I can't find them. Jesse says they're in the magazine pouches on the rifle case and all I can find are the AR-15 mags. I tell him I'm being blind and I swear he hands me an AR-15 mag and I'm like, "You gave me the wrong one." And then he starts to give me crap about how I have the wrong magazine and I'm like, "No shit! You gave me the wrong one!" He totally denies it and makes me look like another one of the dumb girls out on the range who are out there to try and impress their boyfriends who are barely able to shoot anything remotely near "on target" with an AR at 30 yds.

At this point, I'm pretty pissed. I really dislike looking inferior when I totally know damned well I am capable of greatness. So I need to take a fiver to calm down and gather my thoughts. So I'm sitting down with my DrPepper and Jesse comes over to see what's wrong and I told him I just need to take a break. I mean, geez, why not bring me some tissues or something and make me look like even more of a lame ass!? And it gets worse. When the range officer calls a cease fire again, Jesse and I go to put our targets out and I go out the way everyone else does over the burrows and yet I get crap from the range officers about it. Like what was it about me that singled me out to be lectured. Because I was a girl? I was so pissed off.

However once the cease fire was over and we were allowed to shoot again, I shot my Bersa for a bit. I shot 12 rounds and after that didn't want to shoot it anymore. I dunno, I just wasn't feeling pistols. It seems asinine to me to shoot pistols when you're at a range where you can shoot so far off into the distance. So I picked up the AR-15. I used to love shooting the AR because I was pretty good with it. This was when I was pregnant. I took down many a pumpkins. But then I remembered what I didn't like about it and that's the goofy twangy sound it makes when you shoot it. And now a new issue: it was too light.

I know this is hard to explain but it's the same reasoning I dislike shooting .22 rifles anymore. When you shoot with a heavier rifle, it is easier to control because the counter pressure from the weight of the rifle plus the fact you gear up for a bigger recoil, well, I just find it easier to shoot and I'm more accurate with a heavier rifle. Lighter ones seem to need more finess in the muscle to control but then at the same time they also have less recoil but in your mind you want to prepare for something bigger and then you're let down, so... yeah. You'd have to have done it to know what I'm trying to explain I guess.

OK, so I shoot the AR all good and well. There's a gal nex to me shooting her boyfriend's AR. He has some targets out 30 yds. for her and was lecturing her on how to shoot. You know how I learned how to shoot? Jesse gave me a gun and said, "Lean into the gun. Gently pull up the slack on the trigger and when you're ready to shoot, shoot." And I played with the gun to get a feel of it. Then he told me to practice by dry-firing at home and provided me a "how-to" diagram of how to line up my sights with a target. Every time I see one of those douche bag guys trying to teach his girlfriend how to shoot, I just want to slap them. They seem like they are just being bossy and condescending and barking orders instead of teaching. Most of the girls out there could care less, they're just trying to do something to pretend to have some sort of interest in what their boyfriend at the time is into. If they dated a guy who was into meth, they'd be doing meth. Point being, the girl obviously isn't going to be into competitive shooting, so why not just show her how to load a magazine, chamber a bullet, pull a trigger and let her have fun. Why make it into some sort of pissing contest. This guy knows he's better at it than a girl who is out on her first day so don't be a dick about it.

Anyway, back to where I was going on this. So we're shooting the same gun, just with a few cosmetic differences in furniture, but still the same gun. She's shooting 30 yds. away and hitting the cardboard target stand occasionally with her boyfriend barking directions at her. Then some other dude is giving her "pointers". Then I'm over there with Jesse's AR just plinking away at the steel plates at about 225 yds and 250 yds away. I'm not even trying to do good. I'm just plinking away frustrations and Jesse says I am right on target but slightly to the right. So I move over slightly and start hitting the steel plates pretty regularly.

I had tried shooting the 30 carbine at the plates earlier but with my bad eyes and a gun I had only shot once in the past, I wasn't working very well. I'm still trying to figure out the sights on that guy. I told Jesse the 30 carbine and I don't have that kind of relationship yet. I described what I currently have for a relationship with him as that of someone you don't really know and you don't get along with them really but once you get to know them better you really like them a lot. Maybe one day we'll be on that level, just not now. I also explained that some guns I meet and click with right away. Case in point the Mauser and Mosin-Nagant. I didn't know till later that Jesse brought the Mosin-Nagant, so I shot him the latter half of our day.

So here's another great one: next to us is a benchrest weenie. He's got what Jesse would guess would have been something that shoots a 22/250 and described as "Something that sounded loud but didn't kick." Anyway, yeah, he has this gun set up on a benchrest. He has the scope on the gun. He has the binoculars next to the gun and basically would pull a trigger and watch where his gun would shoot. Where's the fun in that? I don't get it! Apparently he was watching me shooting the Mosin-Nagant effortlessly with a baffled look on his face Jesse described as "wondering how it was you were shooting that gun". I guess you can shoot things off benchrests, huh buddy?

We wound up having a good time in the end. I was really happy to shoot a heavier round. I needed it. I told Jesse I'd like to get into competitive shooting. I'm not the world's best shot, but I do believe I am better than other people who I've shot around. I would rank myself in a competition of 10 shooters as possibly coming in top 5. At least top 5 material. We then were talking about guns and I told him I want to get an M1 Garand because I have a weird feeling I would fall in love with it and be really good shooting one because of how heavy they are. We also discussed the ideas of selling the lower receiver of the AR we were going to build for me. That idea stemmed from how to finance getting an M1 Garand but then I told Jesse I was thinking about selling my Ruger Mk. III because I never use it anymore and feel as if I could care less about it. There's a gun show next month, so I'm gonna sell it there probably. I'm asking for $400 if anyone is interested. It's only 2 years old, very clean, still has accessories, box, manual, and is basically in a like-new condition. I babied that gun. He's had a good number of rounds put through him but he's also very clean. I stress VERY clean.

So we get home, Charlie is happy and good and all is right and well in the world. Puppy Bowl V was on and there was a pug dog I was rooting for, Xander. He was too cute. Kitty Half Time Show was pretty good too. We missed the end of Puppy Bowl V because Hoss came through town with his dad. We went out to dinner together and chatted about random stuff. Good times. Hoss got Charlie a shirt and even cut the sleeves off of it for him. Seriously. Oh that Hoss. I can't wait to take a picture of him in it. It'll be a riot! Anyway, they didn't stay too long because it was close to 9:00 when we got back from dinner and they were headed back to Oregon. But it was nice to see Hoss again. For some reason I thought I'd have more to say about dinner but I guess my mind was so stuck on the shooting from earlier it got sucked into that.

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