Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sometimes you just grow out of a relationship...

12/2/06 I put a Ruger Mk. III stainless bull barrel target .22 plinker on lay away at Turner's Outdoors. He was my first handgun purchase. I liked him and took him out shooting a lot, alas, I grew bored of him. I needed a gun that could better satisfy my physical needs. A gun that was stronger and more exciting. Anyway, me and my Mk. III sorta grew apart and now I'm selling him. It's kind of weird because part of me feels bad for selling him but another part of me could care less. It's like moving on from someone you no longer love. There's that whole nostalgia of he was my first hand gun, but then there's the I could care less about you because I have better guns now and you don't really mean anything to me anymore. So yeah. I grew out of that relationship. I am so over him.

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