Monday, February 9, 2009

Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's dog

So the neighbors across the alley from us have this dog, Spike. I'm not sure what he's a mix of but he is the darned cutest most lovable dog ever. He's an old man dog. 10 years old. He looks like a mix of a schnauzer and something else. He's brown and white and has the most adorable face. Him and Lulu are bffs. I wish I could just keep Spike that's how adorable he is! I'm gonna feel bad the day we move because Lulu will miss her friend. Oh well. Such a lovable dog. I think some of the old crazy neighbors tried to say shit that he was vicious so animal control would take him away but that's such a load of hooey. Spike doesn't have it in him to hurt the fleas on his back. Although he is a guard dog who will attack if you are scum and trying to invade his castle.

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