Tuesday, February 17, 2009

You didn't see the guys in Wham! with girlfriends...

1. Yesterday I walked into Gap and mentally described it as a "pastel hell". I made a note of that to the point of sending myself a message via text to remind myself of this because it was the most perfect description. I wanted to use that term somewhere in a blog about it but the opportunity never came up. Anyway, I think they're a very over rated store at best. All their clothes are boring as hell and that's me being generous. Everything in there is in a noxious shade of pastel grossness. This season's fashion in general seems like an unpromising rehash of 2005, which was just a late 60's boho throwback. You know there's serious issues with originality when that which is new is just reflecting upon something that was a reflection of something that happened twice over a few decades back already. Oh well.

2. I've been thinking about hermaphrodites a lot lately. My main thought is this: usually when a child is born a hermaphrodite, I believe the parents get to choose the sex and have one of the genitals removed and I think they usually just have the girl parts removed and stitched up. Well what about the people who are hermaphrodites with both sets of genitalia still intact? I'm curious how they have sex. Like do they have sex using their penis or their vagina? Can they masturbate using both sex organs and if they ejaculate inside themselves, can they get themselves pregnant? Is there something wrong with me that I'm curious about this in a totally scientific way?

3. My friend Katrina told me about this show Flight of the Conchords not too long ago. So I caught a few episodes on HBO recently and then Netflixed the first season. I have been following their series pretty steadily since. I can say that I think it is quite easily one of the best shows on TV now. I think it is completely absurd and hilarious. I love it. I'm not a big fan of that whole scene but I couldn't help but put the songs from the first season into my iPod as some are quite catchy. One of my favorite things about that show is the general dislike of Australians. I think that is just so funny how racist they are. One of my favorites is from Season 1 where Jemaine is telling the fruit cart guy about how Aussies are different in their accents and he's like, "Our accents are totally different. Australians are like, 'Hey, let's get in the car' and New Zealanders are like, 'Hey, let's get in the car'" or something along those lines but both accents were exactly the same! I think the character of Murray, their manager who works at the New Zealand Consolate office is brilliant! "You can't have girlfriends, you'll lose your female fan base. You didn't see the guys in Wham! with girlfriends..." Wham! Heheh, oh too funny. Poor naive Murray.

4. Forrest Gump is on cable right now. Every time it's on, we watch it. Even though Jesse has it on DVD, we still watch it. There's a small handful of movies on cable we do that with, like Dirty Dancing, Superbad, Knocked Up, Blades of Glory. Yeah. On that note, I'm gonna go watch Forrest Gump.

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