Thursday, February 12, 2009

You down wit G.O.P., yeah you know me!

I am by no means an Obama fan and I am definitely not a McCain fan either. I was a Ron Paul gal through and through. But it irks the shit out of me when I hear a radio commercial this morning for the Rush Limbaugh show where Rush comments, "I hope Obama fails." He says it with such conviction and hatred. OK, seriously Rush, what are you hoping to accomplish by having our current president who has a shitty situation going in to get at by failing? Did it not occur to you that if Obama fails with the financial disaster our economy is in right now that just maybe it might at some point trickle down to affect you? Obviously not. I get that as the general Republican mentality at the time being. They want to see Obama fail so badly so that next election we get another Republican in office and I seriously doubt any more will be accomplished in doing so. I mean, wasn't it their people, after all, who got the ball rolling on this whole economic downward spiral, am I wrong? Anyway, I've come to the point that I really don't care who is in office, whether I like them or not, the last thing I want is to see the leader of my country fail because guess what? That means if they fail, America loses. When Americal loses, it's the people who pay the price. I am so sick of things being about party systems and Republicans vs. Democrats. How about we just get to the point now where whoever is in charge doesn't live beyond our country's means and run the place like they'd run their own family's income. You know, balance your check book, don't spend more than you can afford to and only do so if you have to, only pay for necessary things, create a reasonable budget and stick to it, etc. etc. Anyway, I have no desire to wish failure upon anyone. I just hope that whatever happens, it is in a way beneficial to the people and that our constitutional rights stay protected.

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