Wednesday, March 11, 2009

60's hairstyles

Someone please teach me how to do them. I love them. Or is my hair too short?


missalissa said...

I found some silly videos on you tube awhile ago on how to tease your hair. I know it helps to have a rat tail or teasing comb. They used to do crazy things to their hair back then! I can't imagine spending that much time on my hair or sleeping with gnarly pins and rollers in it.

DasBoogs said...

Oh, I can totally sleep with curlers if that's all it takes! I'm down! Where's the video!? Link please!

Lori said...

I was in bye bye birdie in high school and did the hair for all of the girls. Really, it just takes lots of ratting, hair spray, and foofing of all of the under hair. Then you leave the top hair all pristine looking and just drape it over to cover the gross nest underneath :)

There are also other tricks like bump its. I think these might be something that'd work for you most easily.