Saturday, March 14, 2009

Addendum to bad drivers

So as I'm leaving the lavandaria, I'm totally boxed in with a small space to get out. And I totally make it in one shot. Why? I have the mad tetris parking/parking lot/parking space skills I guess. I dunno. I just thank my job at Sport Chalet for teaching me to be so damned good at parking and exiting bad situations. Anyway, at this point, I get out all fine and wonder why the hell those two little Mexican guys had the hardest time getting that truck out of a place that had more room to get out of than I had getting in or out of in my car when I came and left. Oh well. It will forever be a mystery to me, just as I want to know what's going on at the US Bank down on Vassar & Wells by my lavandaria today that there's a bunch of Mexicans out front. For a minute I thought maybe there was a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce meeting or photo shoot (the chamber prez works at the bank and I saw her out front directing people) but now I'm thinking maybe it has some sort of free tax filing or set up a bank account with your stimulus refund or some sort of who knows what thing going on? I dunno. I'm half inclined to walk down there to investigate.

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