Monday, March 16, 2009

And so it never ends...

Today I had to refile my loan application to consolidate my already consolidated student loans in an attempt to avoid having to go through another bullcrap rehab program because Sallie Mae are a bunch of clueless asshats. Fortunately it's been 56 days since my application was originally submitted to Sallie Mae and there's a 45 - 60 day period to get a loan certified so I may be covered in that grace period and not have my stuff show up as being in default. I hope. Of course money is involved so they'll find a way to say "nope, doesn't count" and make me do the rehab program with another agency for another year and nothing will get accomplished. As of right now, because of their stupidity, my credit is being affected... again. If I had super platinum credit, I'd say to hell with them all together and not pay at all but I'm not so lucky. Instead, a non-working person has to find a way to pay $177 - $250 a month for a $40,000 loan that went on an education for a job they can't even get. Where's my student loan bail out? Fortunately my loan is getting bought out by the gov't. And I know they care about covering their asses and if they have to bail out anyone, they'll either bail out themselves or the bankers. Sadly the bankers have more power than the gov't and I've lost my loan with them and I'm sure they'll b e the first to get any form of bail out if there's ever one for student loans. But that'll be a cold day in hell. I mean, forget the fact people lie to you saying you need a college degree to get a job and lenders will give you thousands of dollars under the pretense you will be making money when you get out. (True lie they tell you. I questioned them about this when I was 18 years old making $120 a month at my part time job and wondering how I'd pay back a loan for $10,000 a year!) Of course half the people who went to college and have all these loans are now defaulting on them because they either got laid off and can't pay their loans back and are losing their homes, cars, and other worldly possessions, or they went to college and because of the job market can't get a job despite having a BA, MA, or PhD. It's pretty sad when the employees at Starbucks are making more than someone with a college education, but that's the nature of the beast. And places like CVS, Target, and other retailers won't hire someone with a college education because you're too experienced. No one wants to hire someone desperate for work willing to make half of what they normally make for whatever unknown reason, possibly they just want a slacker who will do just what they're told like a good little puppet. Heaven forbid someone get a job who actually does it or even shows some potential and drive who aspires to have the job of their manager. That's just as petty as a pretty supervisor not hiring a more than qualified pretty girl to work under her for fear she'd no longer be the pretty girl of the office. But that's the way it goes in the real world. Life isn't fair and in the end, you get dicked over in every way, shape, or form. That which doesn't damage your credit just makes you more weary of lenders and realize what true scum bankers are.

Here's some semi-related unrelated videos Alex Jones is constantly going on about banker scum and the IRS, their friends in scamming others out of their money.

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