Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bernie doesn't live here anymore

Today I get a restricted call on my cell phone. I figure it's my dad so I get it. It's some dude and I tell him he has the wrong number. He sounds a little confused and asks if the number he dialed is correct and I say it is but the person who he is calling for does not own that number. Shortly later, I get a call again and know it's him again. Instead it's his wife. They sound like an older couple if it helps. She asks for Bernie and I tell her the number is wrong and she apologizes and asks if she can ask me a question and says, "How long have you had this number?" It seems a little rude to ask, but I tell her I've had it since 2007. That's 2 years. She then sounds a little surprised and apologizes again and hangs up. Old people, get this straight: Bernie doesn't live here anymore! OK, it was my cell phone, but something tells me that either they wrote a number down or said Bernie gave them an intentionally wrong number in hopes of not getting contacted. My mind is going wild with ideas! Bernie hit their car. He gave them a phone number, mine, and is evading paying for damages. Bernie is a relative who wants nothing to do with them and gave them my number in hopes they never get a hold of them. Perhaps he borrowed money he plans on never repaying? Or he's just some senile dude who can't remember his own phone number or is dyslexic and gave it out wrong? Can you tell I think about this more than I should?

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