Saturday, March 14, 2009

Card Design Not Approved

Wells Fargo has this thing where you can design your own debit cards. So I submit this image to them.

I get an email from them this morning stating that they have denied my card design because it violates their image terms of use. How? I have rights to this design. It doesn't represent anyone famous or trademarked. But here's what they send me saying it falls under one of these areas:

* Trademarks, advertising, or branding. Business cardholders are, however, permitted to use their own business's logo, name, or tag line.
* Telephone numbers, URLs, account numbers, or email addresses
* Imagery that features cartoon characters or public figures such as celebrities, musicians, athletes, or entertainers
* Imagery or messaging that is violent, offensive, or anti-social; contains nudity or obscenity; or is political or religious in nature
* Symbols representing money or other content that might result in confusion at the point of sale, or that might result in card fraud

I have bolded the section I believe they chose to deny me under and then question this: how is this image violent, offensive, or anti-social? It has flowers. It has guns. It is a design. It is not political. It's not like I have someone wearing a pro-gun shirt shooting someone point blank. It's a very soft and gentle design. I swear some people are just too pussy to accept something of this sort. And of all people, Wells Fargo! Did they ever stop to consider their history? That their bankers probably at one point owned guns and even took them to work or had them on them back in the cowboy days when their bank started and was operated? Do you think those men in the stage coach being pulled by horses on their logo and tied to their name didn't carry guns to protect themselves against robbers? Anyway, I think I should re-send the image with a different file name. It was saved as guns. Maybe if I saved it as flowers it would get accepted? Who knows. I wound up submitting this one instead. I originally wanted to go with a pug dog but couldn't find one I liked but came up with this. It works for me.

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