Friday, March 27, 2009

Continuted thoughts from two days ago...

The other day I blogged about how I couldn't get over some things. I feel as if I get too emotionally invested in things that I either shouldn't or should just give up on.

Two days ago I got Charlie's Easter pics. He loved the Easter Bunny and the pic came out super cute. The bunny gave him a little stuffed bunny toy and he loved it but he lost it in the mall and was crying. I searched all over the mall and couldn't find it and I felt like I was going to cry cos I felt like a bad mom that I lost my child's beloved gift from his very first trip to the Easter Bunny. Fortunately he forgot all about it when he got lunch.

Later that same day I learn of something that just angers me to no end. If you are nice enough to let someone live with you rent free, you are entitled to know when your guest is moving. I'm furious to no end at this person for living with relatives and friends and for lack of a better word, using them. I guess they feel like certain people in their life owe it to them to have to take care of them and quite frankly, no one owes them shit. Period. An adult who does not have any minor children or dependents of otherwise has absolutely zero reasons to need other adults or adult children to take care of them and pick up after them just because they don't have their shit together. And worst of all, if you use certain people in your life for a home, food, and they pay for your entertainment and every other element of your well being outside of cigarettes, the least you can do is watch their cats and tell them you're moving. This person left their friend's cats abandoned for 3 days because they decided to move and not tell their friend. OK, they're cats, but what if it were a child? What if they were living with someone with children and said they'd watch the children for the parents so the parents could work or something and just get a hair up their ass cos they're sick of those living situations and abandon some children? Literally, I am so pissed off at this situation and I have been whenever I hear about this person's bitching in the past at not being able to do things when their friend says they've done so much to help and that person just is so apathetic and tells their family one thing and does another. I'm not family and I can see past their bullshit and I don't buy one bit of it and refuse to ever become an enabler to them. Ever. I can't think about this person anymore though, I just get pissed off thinking of them.

I need to stop being so emotionally involved with things.

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