Tuesday, March 3, 2009

DIY dentistry & other randomness

1. I realize my favorite drive in town is on Mill behind the airport where the speed limit is 50 mph and it's a straight drive. For whatever reason, I just get giddy when I drive there, possibly because it's the fastest street speed limit in town that I have yet to see and it's a long stretch of straight road and I feel like I'm in Wayne's World when planes come or go when driving there? I dunno.

2. I made what I consider to be the best fried chicken I've ever made in my life tonight. The skin was super crunchy and think and just the right amount of salty. I attribute this to not using milk in the egg dip because I was too lazy and I loaded the flour with garlic salt because I was out of garlic powder. I'm half tempted to make it again tomorrow.

3. I feel totally accomplished right now in the fact I have found us a new computer and not only transferred every living element from our old PC to the new one. It's a Dell Studio Hybrid, energy efficient, environmentally conscious, butt kicking little middle ground for my needs and Jesse's needs and we're all happy. Plus it's green. But the serious accomplishment comes from the fact I got every single file from our old computer onto the external drive. The next task for the week will be to add all my 8 years of photos saved on CD's added to the external drive and then organizing the thing so that things are easy to locate. I love organizing stuff by the way. So much to the point I feel a little OCDesque but I don't think that's a problem.

4. Jesse pulled his tooth out tonight. He explained the details to me but from what I got was he had a root canal a few years ago and then got a cap instead of a crown. Then at our friend's wedding back in 2006, he ate something which chipped his tooth and it was a 3 year battle with decay from there out that eventually led to him picking chunks of tooth out till this was all that was left...

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