Friday, March 27, 2009

God and my family hate me

So between now and falling off the bed and couch, my last 48 hours are looking like a disaster. I'm thankful for those few hours playing and getting out yesterday but I am about ready to snap.

Last night I do grocery shopping all late as usual. I get Jesse some soda cos he's been good and ask him to pour us some. He opens up one soda and it's fine and the second one for me and it explodes all over the kitchen getting into every nook and cranny of our electric stove and floor. He stands there like a deer caught in headlights watching the exploding soda instead of closing it and moving it to the sink, thus getting it more places. I kick him out of the kitchen and take everything out and have to wash the floor and stove, which takes me a nice 20 or 30 minutes. I tell him to play his 'puter game while I do this and to stay out of my way. After that, I put up groceries and Charlie wakes up. He has a hard time settling but by this time it's close to midnight. Jesse says his breath smells bad and asks me to check for thrush and he's fine. Maybe something he ate? I dunno. I give him boo boo and we spend another hour trying to get him to go to bed finally at 1:00 am.

3:58 am I wake up to him crying and go to give him boob. He is wet. I figure it might be drool and feel his sheets and my hand is covered in clump. I turn the light on to see a puddle of vomit in his bed. Let me just say his vomit is much like grown up vomit but his food is all mashed up. Cleaning it up made me almost vomit. Fortunately, I was in that it's almost 4:00 am state of mind where I wasn't completely comprehensive of what was going on and wasn't fully affected by it. I felt his head and he didn't feel warm and I looked at the vomit and ruled out virus or cold cos no fever and saw a few pieces of dog food in there and figured it was the dog food and he couldn't digest it and threw up. I cleaned the mess, changed out his sheets and Jesse rocked him to bed.

About 6:55 am, he wakes up and we bring him into our bed for a bit. He hangs out and then gets his boo boo. He was crying like he wanted it but at the same time was reluctant to latch. I forced him to eat. My bad. I should have known better. Wouldn't you know it, 2 minutes of squirming on the bed and crawling on me later, I get barfed on. By me, I mean, me. I am covered in the contents of my boob milk plus whatever else was left in his belly that wasn't sitting right. I just call Jesse and Charlie is still hurling all over me. Jesse goes to the bathroom and gets me a towel and I think, "I don't want a towel, I want this barf factory removed!" So he takes Charlie over to the toilet and lets him continue barfing in there. At this point he's just barfing out breast milk. I find this odd because it's breast milk. That's like the most gentle thing on their tummy. So I'm trying to trace back yesterday and what might have bothered him and I know dog food for sure but possibly the cow milk. Although he's been having 1 - 1.5 oz cow's milk for the past few days with his daily boob. So if it were the cow's milk, it should have happened days ago. Unless he had more than usual yesterday? I dunno. So in order to rule out cow's milk, I am going to just play it safe and give him a chicken soup diet today and treat him like he's sick and cut off the cow's milk till his "sick" symptoms are gone. By sick symptoms I mean barfing. In my mind, I'm still just attributing this all to dog food and teething. I don't see any point in taking him to the doctors if he's not feavering or acting lethargic or anything. He's just playing and having fun and happy right now. He just barfed twice. Maybe if he barfs with everything he eats within the next 24 hours I'll take him, but if he has a virus, there's nothing I can do. I can say, virus: no meds. Let it pass. Till then, I'll just go with my theory that God and my family hate me and wants me to be miserable and I'll probably look back at this and laugh one day.

Side note: I just read this to Jesse and he got mad that I said Charlie ate a few pieces of dog food cos he thinks CPS is going to come take Charlie away or something. I tried to assure him that it's a very common thing that kids get into dog food and that I know of several people who have had their kids eat dog kibble as well and even post pictures of their kids playing with the dog food etc. Seriously, it's common. Plus Lulu gets Natural Balance. It's made with human grade edible contents. I would never give my dog something I wouldn't eat. They were one of the only dog foods that weren't affected by the dog food recalls a few years back. It's not like he got into Purina with a bunch of weird mystery ingredients.


The Joo said...

Poor kid, poor barfed-on mommy. And no, I won't call CPS on you. I loved dog food as a kid. :)

DasBoogs said...

I know you won't cos your kid gets in his dog food too and your sister's kid gets in her toilet so you guys can't give me any crap haha!