Sunday, March 22, 2009

Going out and a poop

So I'm waiting to go out right now. Chrissy is supposed to come get me and we're gonna go to some shows. I made lasagne tonight and the sauce I got was not good at all. It tasted kinda weird and Jesse pointed this out to me. But I had seconds cos I was starving. Now I'm paying for it. Seriously. I feel like I gotta poop or have a gnarly stomach ache. Of course this still could be my period. I felt like I got it and it even looked like I got it a few days ago but it only lasted like 2 days tops and was done so I'm expecting a follow up or something. I mean, I know Mirena makes your periods lighter and shorter but from 10 days to 2? That's astronomical! Why isn't everyone on Mirena!? Seriously, I hate my periods and hated them forever and if I knew there was a magical contraption in life that could make it go from super heavy painful over a week long to two day that come and go so fast they don't even say goodbye? Well heck, I woulda begged someone to do it for me eons ago. I find it ironic I'm going out tonight. I had a long day. I've had a really bad headache since about 3:00 this afternoon and my back hurts. It's just a generally bad idea but I'm one of those people that once I'm out I forget about stuff like that. Unless I'm seriously ill then I just want to go home and I am not ill so who likes to rock the party? I like to rock the party! I feel like I'm dressed like I'm trying to make a statement or something. I'm not. I got my .357 earrings on that Jesse made me and my Gadsden t-shirt I made. I guess I like to wear things that spark thought or conversation. I dunno. I'm half debating to do a quick change of shirt. I'm feeling frumpy. Yeah, I'm not going out to impress anyone, I have a husband for that. But I don't like feeling frumpy when I go out. I think a quick change may be in order... ho hum. I still hafta poop but it's not quite there yet.

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