Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Goodbye, old friend... (Eugoogley to the old Compoopoo)

They say in life, when you are handed a lemon, make lemonade. With you, Compoopoo, I feel like I wasn't given a lemon, but that I was given the entire tree. It felt like every day using you was a struggle, yet while you didn't give me top of the line work, you were always dependable and I knew I could count on you to get things done. We shared almost a decade together; 8 years to be exact. In those 8 years, I had to reformat your hard drive 3 times. We had been to many a websites. We used Adobe programs on countless occasions. You stored all my music, photos, and files and still managed to perform other duties. You went from browser to browser, from AOL, to Internet Explorer, to Earthlink and stopping at Firefox. You were my one and only true computer. Sure, I used my dad's computer for a few years. Then I had the crappy old one I got for free and had to give back after I got you, but you, you were mine. I knew what I was looking for and shopped around and found a good deal on you on eBay. You were refurbished, but you worked so well considering. You were better than my dad's brand new computer. You were that dependable old friend, who, despite occasional stubborn fits and illnesses, always pulled through in the end. It's with a heavy heart I say goodbye. Your time was well over due. You're in a better place now, digital Heaven, with all the other great devices of the past including Walk Mans, word processors, and the Zack Morris cell phones. I love you Compoopoo and will forever miss you.


The Joo said...

Rwest in peace, compoopoo. Sounds like you lived a long and fruitful life

DasBoogs said...

I feel kinda geeky for writing a eulogy to my old computer but I loved him that much. Just like I loved my truck when I got rid of him. Funny how attached you can grow to a soulless object.