Friday, March 13, 2009

I heart the Salvation Army

I went with Charlie on a lunch date today to Juicys. On the way back, we stopped off at the Salvation Army next door. This same Salvation Army is the one where we bought our coffee table when we moved to Reno and if I've never mentioned it before, I am in love with my coffee table that looks like it is circa late 60's early 70's but I'm going to lean more towards 70's with a neo-classical revival style. Anyway, long story short, I scored a bunch of crap for $11.25 there. The finds included a kelly green sweater circa mid 70's that is very reminiscent to a pine green sweater I had when I was in high school that I loved and got rid of for whatever God unknowing reason. Then I found a nice white purse that looks like it's from 2 or 3 seasons back from Target or something like that. Then I got two 16"x20" picture frames for what I thought were 16"x20" canvas boards but are actually 14"x18". I can just put some sort of matting in there or something. Then I got a hard back how-to book on knitting, crocheting and sewing from 1984 called Stitch by Stitch A home library of sewing, knitting, crochet and needlecraft. And I picked up a book for Jesse called Spying On America (1992) about how the gov't got busted for invasion of privacy in the 70's when a group of burglars broke into an FBI office and exposed them for what they found in some 1,000 documents, and last, a fictional novel about a New World Order situation called The Revolt (1996) that sounded interesting and Jesse might enjoy reading as well. Anyway, we're surrounded by a bunch of awesome thrift stores, consignment shops, vintage and antique shops that are swarming with great finds at even better prices. The end.

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